L 66

General Info

Type: Balanced Cantilever

Number of Pieces: 1

Location: 4bridges headquarters, Italy


Max span length: 81 m

Lifting capacity: 87 t

Total weight of the equipment: 444 t


A 140 meter long truss supported on two main supports anchored on the deck, with and eccentricity over supports limited to 3.40 meters to avoid uplift on the anchoring bars during erection.
The supplier designed this piece of equipment for an important project in Florida:  to stabilize the gantry in case of hurricanes and maximum wind speeds of 240 km/h, the company supplied an additional anchor system.
The use of an overhead gantry on a tight radius bridge deck required complex analyses, avoiding larger than warranted loads on the deck during construction and preventing unstable or unsafe configurations under normal erection activities.